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International Treehouse Competition

March 14, 2006

The new publisher for the book on the Treehouse Competition is Harry Abrams, New York, perhaps one of the most prestigious publishers of art and architecture books.

It is called: "Treehouses in Paradise, Fantasy Designs for the 21st Century" (ISBN 0-8109-5837-6) The book includes the projects of all 100 winners from 40 countries and will be in full color. Availability in bookstores worldwide is scheduled for May 2006. On June 9th an exhibition to coincide with the publication will open at the Pacific Design Center in Los Angeles and will include the models, drawings and renderings of all the projects. We are presently planning to travel this exhibit around the world. Interested institutions should contact the author. Any questions about the book can be emailed to
David Greenberg, Author
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