Treehouse Competition: Finalists / 2443


Entry #2443
Mark Ayers

My treehouse is a contemporary inflection of the ancient Hawaiian Hale and Heiau. These shared classic styles were simple in form but designed for a resilience and utility which fostered resourcefulness. My interpretation breaks the uses and character of one hale into its parts and into multiple spaces, stretching its function through the language of skin and construction and reflecting their roles in life through their portion and articulation of the details. It is a sum of parts tied to a singular vertical ridgepole (pou-hana).

With exception for the rigid collar connection, all parts of this treehouse are natural, incorporating traditional materials and techniques –reflective of Polynesian and Pacific ideals of stewardship toward land and sea. Each level is designed to the original ratio of 1:1.33, resulting in three 12’x18’ area floors plus lanai. Terraces at ground level provide areas to cultivate earth or raise fishponds.