Treehouse Competition: Finalists / 2224



treehouses in hawaii no. 2224

the quest of privacy in paradise demands one tree-one house. an ultralight but strong construction provides easy handling on the site. the treehouse works like an
inverse umbrella. the stainless steel sleeve is loosely attached to the palmtree on the ground. the steelbeams are connected and leveld out to
it with 20mm screws. on top of the tree yet another steel sleeve with a pulley is ready to haul the whole construction approximately 3
meters above the ground. there the stainless steel sleeve is properly fixed. whilest still in ground area the steel skeleton is cov-ered
with coloured canvas. the canvas also works as flooring material similar to a catamarans deck. curtains subdivide
the circular floorplan providing polyvalent f lexible space f or living & sleeping. facilities for cooking and hygiene
are arranged around the tree trunk. the shower below the house is a convenient duster - keeping sand and stuff out of
the house. a rope ladder serves asaccess to the main floor . in case of heat the tentlike doublelayered canvas can
be pulled up to mid or top sleeve. the streamline shaped coloured canvas will be little obstacle
for heavy winds. futons serve as furniture, either spread, rolled up or
stowed away.
11.25 m
single unit bedroom
6 m2