Treehouse Competition: Finalists / 2003


Project Description:
Structurally the tree house integrates the high principles of a spinal column and a ham-mock. Which means it will very lightly swing and twist with the wind and the trees, but will remain stable at anchor in the air.

The construction of the "stage of high life" can be carried out on any site with locally available wood and materials simply cut to size. Two palm trees, three kinds of metal joint modules and a few metres of stainless steel cable are needed in addition.


The overall size of the tree house can vary according to the distance between the trees and their trunk dimensions - from a single/double room to a family apartment.


For the "cocoon" any material from palm leafs to coco fibre mats or even modern para-chute materials can be fixed on a simple lattice-grid-shell of local timbers.


To create a "lonesome nest" you simply look for two palm trees, to create "community- clusters" several houses are fixed to a central tree.






Partner's Bios 
  Professor Hermann Kendel
13.2.1936 born in Geislingen, married, 3 children.
1956 - 63Studies in architecture at the TH Stuttgart, Degree: Dipl.-Ing. with distinction.
1963 - 67Employed at Bro Prof. Rolf Gutbrod, Stuttgart, team leader: 2nd prize competition National Library Berlin and 1st prize German Pavilion Expo `67.
1968 - 70Fulbright scholarship at  M.I.T. und Harvard . Dergree: Master of Architecture
1970 - 77Responsible team leader at Rolf Gutbrod und Frei Otto in Berlin, i.e. Hotel and Conference Centre Mecca (Aga Khan Prize) and for the Governmental Centre (KOCOMMAS) in Riyadh.
1975Visiting critic at Harvard University, Graduate School of Architecture for "Light Weight Structures".
1978 - 89Partner at Henning, Kendel, Riede  (over 100 employed architects) Projects: i.e.  KOCOMMAS in Riyadh (cost: DM 4 billion), Cultural Centre Karkh in Bagdadh and the Museum of Arts and Crafts in Berlin.
1989 - 99 Bro Kendel,  i. e. 2nd Prize Competition "Taschenberg Palais Dresden", housing estates and others.
1985 - 92Lecturer at the TFH Berlin for architectural design.
since 1992Founding Professor of Architecture at the Hochschule fr Technik und Wirtschaft Dresden.
since 1999 Partner at KENDEL ARCHITEKTEN.
 Jan Hugo Kendel
13.12.1967born in Stuttgart,  married, 1 child.
1988Practical training Buro Happold - Consulting Engineers, Bath, GB.
1988 - 89Studies in architecture and structural engineering at the Technical University Berlin.
1989 - 92Studies in architecture and planning at University College London (Bartlett School of Architecture), Degree: "B. Sc. with honours in Architecture, Planning and Environmental Studies".
1993 - 96Postgraduate Studies in Architecture at the Technical University Berlin. Degree: Diploma in Architecture
1993 - 99Self-employed Architect 
1997 - 99Personally liable team leader  for several projects with DSK Berlin-Zurich i.e. the Embassy of the Federal State of Saxony in Berlin.
since 1999Partner at  KENDEL ARCHITEKTEN.
  Philipp Kendel
24.02.1972born in Berlin.
1992Practical training at Ove Arup Partnership, London.

Practical training at Kurt L. Ritzmann, architectural model work shop, Stuttgart.

1992 - 97Studies in architecture and planning at the Fachhochschule Potsdam, Degree:  Dipl. Ing. (FH).
since 1997Studies in philosophy at the Technical University Berlin.
1997 - 99Freelance architect at Bro Kendel
since 1999 Partner at KENDEL ARCHITEKTEN.